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Saint Angel Michael

Saint Archangel Michael is often the patron Saint of the Police Force, the Military and also the protector of Rome and the Vatican. Saint Archangel Michael is the only Saint Archangel who still carries a sword and he fights and destroys evil in the world. He has in the past been known to fight the gray parts of the creation were the ethics of defining the evil are hard to define and sometimes he has attacked the good in the creation. Saint Archangel Michael has recently started to get back to the basics and works with Saint Archangel Gabriel who records the evil and good, Saint Archangel Uriel who measures the good and evil in councils with heaven and Saint Archangel Raphael who controls the healing energy of the earth and Healing Angels. When the Saint Archangel Uriel has measured the good and evil, then Saint Archangel Michael then goes out into the creation with his wisdom, destroys the evil and protects the good.

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