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Background on the Energy Healing


The Saint Mechilsadeck Angels along with their Angels created the creation and the human race along with other life in the creation. As it says in the Old Testament Genesis “man was created in the likeness of the Angels but without wings”. As the Angels created humanity we also know how to heal humanity.

The creation had no sickness or illness in the creation when it was created and was a perfect creation when first created. Illness and sickness occurred when fallen Angels entered the creation and started to give humans illnesses because they were upset with the human race, some people call these Angels the Creature Angels and they are often made of black light. This group ofAngels made of black light that have been give the name Creature Angels  and have high intelligence and sometimes take human form and have the ability to give humans visions true or false and do miracles and can give people illnesses. These Angels of black light sometimes fight for good and sometimes fight for the bad in the creation and this is because they have not developed a true understand of true ethics.These “Creature Angels” also leave human time and give illnesses to humans all over the human creation in all parts of human time.

There is also some confusion sometimes between the Creature Angels and large muscular gray in colour “Harvesting Angels”. These angels when harvesting a human or other living creature can cause great pain to this living creature and it is very difficult to heal the living creature after it has been harvested. We have a great team of “Healing Angels” from heaven who have experience at healing people and living creatures who have suffered this horrible experience and are well trained in the healing process with heavens healing light “energy”.

The devil race that is in the air and sometimes come to earth in human form and the devil Angelswho are sometimes in the air and sometimes take human form were not part of the creation to begin with when it was created they invaded from another creation.  They both also give humans illness and can deceive with miracles and visions. The devil race and the devil Angels have their own heavens and can also leave human time and give illnesses to humans all over the human creation. The brain of a devil and devil angel is very illogical and does not listen to any logical form of communication, they have a very warped understanding of ethics and this is their weakness because something in them wants to be good and it confuses the evil in them.

The devil race, devil Angels and the Angels made of black light claim to have been part of the creation of the human race and the creation and therefore can be part of the human form. This is not true they turned up later after the human race was created. Archangel Lucifer and his Angeles where part of the creation of the human race and the creation.

The demon race has been formed out of the different fallen parts of the creation and the fall of different parts of the life created by the Angel’s race. The Demon in Greek comes from Daimon the word for “soul”. So the intelligence of the Greeks helps explain that the fallen part of life here on earth has formed into large demons and they can cause a lot of illness and suffering in humanity and have learnt from attacking Angels how to miracle the creation and deceive with miracles. Demons are desperately “sad” and wish they had not fallen and have a certain beauty in them that weeps throughout the creation as the try to desperately to return to their non-fallen state they had before they fell.

Archangel Lucifer left one of the Saint MechilsadecksAngels heavens after an argument over the human race and he took 1/3 of an Angel from this Heaven known by some people as Utopia but it is argued over what the name of theSaint MechilsadecksAngels heaven was and these Angels have come to earth and are in the dimensions above earth.This group Angels made of white light come from Archangel Lucifers part of Saint MechilsadecksAngels heaven and have started to give humans illnesses also.

There are still many good Angelswho are part of the creation from the Saint MechilsdeackAngels heavens who don’t give humans illnesses and are looking after nature, nations, families, people and Industry’s. These good Angels keep the creation at peace and heal the nations and humanity on a daily bases.

The healing we provide for people with the energy healing pulls on the healing energy from the heavens, who send their healing Angels. We also use the energy from the nature, using the crystals of the earth to channel this Energy to heal the human form.

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